Freak yourself out for a day (I did):

Near Term Human Extinction is inconceivable, but the evidence can appear convincing:

"In short, he states that based on all known data ..., the human race, along with all other complex life forms on the planet, will be extinct within 15-20 years. Not decades, as some scientists predict, or beyond 2100, as the IPCC ... states is possible, but in the very short-term of our lives."

The antedote to this life-shattering thinking is: How Guy McPherson gets it wrong.
"In many ways, McPherson is a photo-negative of the self-proclaimed “climate skeptics” who reject the conclusions of climate science. He may be advocating the opposite conclusion, but he argues his case in the same way. The skeptics often quote snippets of science that, on full examination, doesn’t actually support their claims, and this is McPherson’s modus operandi."
- and he follows with detailed rebuttals. Phew, thanks Scott K. Johnson, I can relax again - we have a future; but, for sure, our survival of this 6th extinction event will not be easy.