Through many years of inner and outer inquiry, I found myself more and more in accord with mysticism , but of course it ain't what we think it is. The unknown - why the hell I exist, writing this, and you exist, reading it, and all the rest of it, elephants, bells, shit, multiverses, quarks, poems, and so on, exists - has always called me with an urgency. Paradoxically, of course, I've come to believe we can only approach the mystic through the mundane, and that's why I've developed a strong connection with the disciplined monks of the Thai Forest Tradition , and their insightful dhamma teachings.

Jesus was super too, of course. In my forties, I got over all the obstacles that churches have laid down to our inner progress, and feel free, fortunately, to form my own understanding of what God is, but I won't say here - don't want to influence you...

Buddhist view: